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The word Amartia comes from ancient Greek. Literally it means "mistake, guilt", but, accordingly with Aristotle's poetic, the word has also another sense. "Mistake" becomes narrative drive, the beginning of every story, because there is no story without guilt.
Amartia is a young film production company based both in Rome and Naples.
Amartia works with several realities such as film companies and communication agencies both national and international. Amartia deals with the whole audiovisual field, from films and short films, to commercials, music videos and documentaries.


Nicola and Camilla met in the film production course of Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (the Italian National Film School) in Rome, back in 2018.
In 2021 Nicola and Camilla co-founded Amartia Film, after many years spent working as line producers on several productions such as films, commercials, documentary series and music videos.
In 2022 Filippo Marzatico, a young cinematographer, has joined Amartia.
Amartia would like to be home for everyone who collaborates with it. In fact it is intended as a starting point for new projects and an opportunity for new talents who want to develop new ideas.

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